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A Site for Indian Cinema – Reviews, Anecdotes, Reflections

As one of the few foreigners working in the Bollywood film industry, I would like to be your guide into this – output-wise – biggest film industry in the world.

BOLLYWOOD SPIRIT desires to review films less known and less promoted abroad, but neverthelss or maybe especially because of that highly recommendable. This blog will also take a look on big blockbusters, but without intending full coverage on all releases, it rather desires to present  films with a difference.

The Hindi Film Industry, commonly known as Bollywood, is adopting techniques of pace, story-telling or SFX from US and European cinema to satisfy an Indian audience more and more exposed to foreign films. Outside of India there is not only a NRI-crowd eagerly anticipating the latest releases but also more and more people from a background other than Indian are getting infected by the Bollywood virus. While US cinema films have become in average longer over the last 15 years, Indian films have become shorter as if they are intending to meet somewhere in the middle. Cross-Country-productions and partnerships between Indian and US or European companies are becoming more and more common. The commercial success of films like “Raang De Basanti”, “Lage Raho Munnabhai”, “Omkara” or “Khosla ka Ghosla” has convinced producers that intelligent and well-written screenplays might not be necessarily a handicap in the venture of filmmaking and the formula-addicted Bollywood is now suddenly awakening from its long years of Sleeping Beauty-like slumber eager to try “something different”.

A promising time for Hindi Film all in all, now destiny needs only to bring the right movies our way. 2009, don’t disappoint us, you hear that?!

P. S.: The Mad Professor is Arno Krimmer. I am an Austrian director/writer living with my wife and our little daughter in Mumbai. In Dec 2003 I made India my home and after teaching for 3 yrs in a school in the Lower Himalayas I became the first foreign Faculty at the Film & TV Institute of India and now one of the few foreigners working in the Hindi film industry! Enjoy!

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