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Film Review 2 – Gulzar’s ANGOOR – Comedy of Errors (1982)

January 5, 2009

Mad Professor Marks: Out of Competition

In case you have not seen it – go and check out ANGOOR (1982), this hilarious comedy based on Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors starring Sanjeev Kumar, Moushumi Chatterjee and Deven Varma. The old dialectics of master-servant here get doubled with two twin brothers and the confusion is total.

Ashok R. Tilak (Sanjeev Kumar) lives in Dinkapur with his widowed mother and a servant named Bahadur. He travels to another town on a business trip to buy several acres with grape trees. Although this is their first visit to this town, everybody seems to know them incl. the ticket controller at the Railway Station, the taxi-driver, the Hotel Manager, the owner of a jewellery shop as well as his assitant Mansoor, local Police Inspector Sinha and to top it all a woman named Sudha claims that she is his wife and another woman named Tanu claims that she is his sister-in-law, while a third one named Alka claims that she is his mistress. All’s not well for Bahadur either for he bears the brunt of this confusion when he finds out that he has a wife named Prema; a normally sane boss, who keeps on sniffing snuff and smoking alternatively, and who yells and slaps him frequently. After a nightmarish night, the hapless duo decide they have had enough and decide to return home, only to have the police arrest them for theft of a diamond necklace.

At the police station this comedy of errors faces its ultimate showdown.

Deven Kumar won Best Comedian and Sanjeev Kumar was nominated as Best Actor at 1983’s Film Fare Awards , India’s equivalent to the Academy Awards.

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