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FR 5 – DASVIDANIYA (2008) – The Comedy of Bureaucrats

February 28, 2009

Vinay Pathak as Amar Kaul

Mad Professor Marks: 7 out of 10

Vinay Pathak is an actor to be looked out for. After starting off as a VJ and acting in films like WATER,  KHOSLA KA GHOSLA or Yash Raj’s AAJA NACHLE,  he performed his first main role in the comedy hit BHEJA FRY (2007). Now he is back with DASVIDANIYA, an introspection into the world of bosses and clerks, office tables and pencil sharpeners, oppression and conformance. Vinay Pathak is Amar Kaul, a 37-year old acounts manager, a man people do not notice, would hardly be able to recognize on the street after working in the same company for most of their life. In work he gets bullied by boss Dasgupta (Saurabh Shukla) and at home he takes care of his partially deaf mother (Sarita Joshi).

The films title is a combination of the Russian word for “Good-Bye”, svidania, and Amar’s boss Das, does meaning a farewell to the big bad boss as well as servility and conformity. After coming to know that he suffers from stomach cancer in 2nd stage, Amar makes a list of things which he wants to do before dying. This is the journey he sets out on after quitting his job and the details will be not given away here. Just let it be said that Vinay Pathak gives – again – a truly outstanding performance and that the film is one of the rare good situational comedies India has brought out during the last few years. DASVIDANIYA, which is Vinay Pathak’s debut as a producer, was scripted by young talent Arshad Sayed. Unfortunately some of the story is predictable, but the emotionality of the story works very well due to the high quality of performances of Pathak, Ranjat Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla, Ranvir Shorey.

The movie premiered on 14th Nov. 2008, ran only for a week or two in Indian cinemas but made 1.2 crores (12 million Rs.) in his first week.

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