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FR 6 – GHAJINI (2008) – Hair Style & Six Packs

February 28, 2009

Mad Professor Marks: 5 out of 10

Hindi-Film GHAJINI (2008) is the remake of South Indian film GHAJINI (2005) which again is loosely based on Christopher Nolan’s dark master piece MEMENTO (2000). For those who have seen Christopher Nolan’s film and appreciated its brilliantly structured clockwork of flashback-dramaturgy, please do not compare the two film, it is simply not possible.

Aamir Khan spent one year working out in the gym to display his six packs at carefully designed parts of the film (all the time) as he is super-rich, handsome but unfortunately brain-damaged Sanjay Singhania who suffers from anterograde amnesia, which he contracted from severe head trauma during an attack with a metal rod. This renders his brain unable to store new memories. Formerly the CEO of one of India’s largest Telecom firms, he is now dependent on a system of notes, polaroid photos and messages tatooed on his body, to get through the day and most of all to accomplish to revenge the death of his murdered bride-to-be Kalpana (South Indian actress Asin).

In MEMENTO the fact that the protagonist is unable to remember anything for more than 15 minutes is masterly played out, while in GHAJINI this fact is not efficiently used until we get reminded one single time of it in the last part of the film. GHAJINI instead invests into playing safe and uses formulas like Rich Boy-meets-Poor-Girl, colorful dances, funnily mistaking somebody for somebody else and romance. Besides Aamir Khan’s six packs also his hair style thrilled the youth, found millions of lookalikes and had to be banned from Indian schools, colleges. GHAJINI premiered at 25. 12. 2008 and is one of the highest-crossing Indian films ever.

With GHAJINI Aamir Khan has succeeded in once again reinventing himself as juvenile hero at the age of 43 and in creating a blockbuster hugely successful at the box-office. This is also due to  director A. R. Murugadoss’ instinct how much violence, pop and skin the Indian audience can and wants to digest. If you do not expect anything else than a bit of colorful Bollywood, the film is pretty watchable – especially due to South Indian actress Asin’s good performance. Still, after setting a very high standard with films like TAARE ZAMEEN PAR, RAANG DE BASANTI or LAGAAN, we would have expected much more from Mr. Aamir Khan.

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