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FR 13 – ME SHIVAJI RAJE BHOSALE BOLTOY (Marathi) (2009) – The Return of the King

May 3, 2009

Mad Professor Marks: 6.5 out of 10

Although the idea is taken from LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI, the solid execution of the idea makes it still the best Marathi film of 2009 so far.

In LAGE RAHO the spirit of Gandhi appeared to a love-sick mafiosi and in ME SHIVAJI RAJE BHOSALE BOLTOY (MSRBB) it is the spirit of legendary Maharashtrian 17th century king Shivaji Maharaj who first blasts and then inspires bank clerk Dinkar Bhosle , a typical middleclass Marathi Manoo who curses his fate of having been born a Maharashtrian. Although the script uses several clichés like the corrupt cop, underworld threats and a pre-climax typically set in the villain’s godown, the solid performance by Mahesh Manjrekar as King Shivaji, the brilliant performance by Sachin Khedekar as Dinkar Bhosle and the insightful dialogues by Mahesh Manjrekar/Sanjay Pawar make this film – at least for an Indian and NRI-audience – highly enjoyable! Difficult to say if it works for a Non-Indian audience… Would be happy to receive your feedback!

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